Sunday, February 10, 2013

Daily Challenges

It has been a great week so far. We have gone swimming every day.

We also have been doing daily challenges to earn points and a chance to win a prize (that is if you have the most points). Our dad emails our challenges to us each day and at the end of the day he will tally them up to see who has the most.

Today is the day that we know who will win. But we have to complete one final challenge. This is the challenge:
  • 10 points for going swimming in the pool
  • 20 points for going swimming in the beach (bonus for snorkeling) 
  • 30 points for a well written explanation of why you chose your house name and other items
  •  40 points for a blog post about Costa Rica - what we have been doing, seen, who is here with us and pictures
  •  50 points for no iPad from 9-5, except for daily challenge activities.
  •  Tons of bonus points for lots of things! 
  •  Super bonus points for having desert today!!!
This is a great challenge for me especially the desert, swimming and all the other ones.

Here are some pictures:

Iguana Beach at Playa del Coco
Enjoying my ice cream after the beach

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