Saturday, February 16, 2013


After a long drive to Monteverde we got to Selvatura park where we went zipping, walk on hanging bridges, and see hummingbirds.

After we got our tickets we got all of are gear on and walked to the first zip line. One by one we went zipping through a cloud forest. On some of them my sister and I had to go with a guide because we were to light. As for my brother, he went with someone on all of them. On the last one my brother and I went with a guide because it was 1,000 meters long. We were going so fast you could barely keep your eyes open. Right before the last zip we went on a Tarzan swing. The guides would clip you onto another harness. Once you were in the harness they would lower you slowly (we were up very very high), then they would let go and you would go flying up and down 5 times. After all of the zipping we went and ate lunch and then had banana bread for dessert.

When we were all done we went walking on hanging bridges. Some were 500 meters long. They were very wobbly when you would walk on them. There were 8 hanging bridges in all and there was a good long walk in-between the bridges. When we finished the long walking trail we were all excited to see the hummingbird garden.

In the hummingbird garden their were so many different kinds of hummingbirds. It was so amazing how close you could get to them with out them flying away. After all the exciting things we did we started to head home to Playa del Coco. It was a long drive but we made it in one piece.

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  1. Wow those humming birds sure do look pretty wish I were there!!!!!love ilayda Okan and Selda <3 look at it up side down!!!!!!!