Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we went to see Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and a boat ride to Greenwich. First let me tell you about Big Ben.

Big Ben is it's name, but no one knows if Ben is the name of the bell or the clock. Big Ben is connected to the parliament building, it does not stand by itself. At night it looks so pretty with all of the nice lights.

Westminster Abby is a chapel. It is very big. Many kings, queen and famous poets have their grave there. It is very beautiful. We did an activity book together and won a humongous chocolate coin at the end. After picking up our coin we went to have lunch,  sitting on the grass in front of Big Ben. We had a great view. When we were done with lunch all of the kids got to eat our chocolate coin. It was so delicious.

Then we went to a pier on the Thame River on a cruise. Once on the boat we saw so many things. I saw the London Eye, the London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and a battleship that was in the war. It was so cool to see everything that we did. Then we got off at the last stop in Greenwich. In Greenwich I went into the Nationals Maritime Museum and it was so fun. I was upset because we only got to stay a little while because it was going to close.

Today was so much fun and I can't wait for tomorrow. Here are so pics:

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