Friday, April 26, 2013


Today was amazing. We went on the luge.We had to wait in a long long line,but finally we made it to the cabal car.We could only fit 4 people at one time so we split up - my mom, brother,and sister went in one car and my dad and I went in another.

When we got to the top I was so excited to go on the luge because I had been waiting for what felt like forever. When we got to the top of the mountain we got into another line,but it was a small line.When it was our turn they could only teach three people at a time how to drive the luge cart. My dad,my brother, and I went first.When they were done teaching us we were off!

I was in the front of everyone and I was going so fast. There was a lot of wind in my face- It was most likely to be pink. I didn't even look behind me, but when I got to the end I had to wait so long to see my family finish and meet me at the end.When I asked them what took them so long they said that my brother a sister (even though my sister and my mom went about 3 minutes after my dad and brother) crashed and my parents had to help them 2 times each.When we were all together we went a second time, but only my dad and I went on the fast course.

My brother couldn't go because he was to small to go on the fast one so he went with my mom and my sister on the first one. I wanted my dad to go first because I nervous.When I was on the track I was going slow so my dad let me go in front of him. Then I was going so fast I didn't use my breaks until the end.

Today was an amazing day.

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