Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today we did the opera, perfume museum, Paris story, and a chocolate museum. In the opera house we only went to get our tickets for the next day. 

After we got the tickets we went to the Perfume museum. It smelled good. I got to see the big mixers that they used to make the perfumes. We didn't stay long in the perfume museum, but next I went to a very, very exciting place.

I went to......wait for it a...... Chocolate museum. Yeaaaaaaa. So first we had to go through to see we're they get the chocolate beans and what type of beans they get. Then we got to see how they make the chocolate and what they put in it. 

Then finally we got to see a demonstration on how they make chocolate and we got to try it. It tasted sooooooo good and sooooooooo yummy. :)

We also got to do a worksheet on the chocolate. We got to get a piece of chocolate at the end. It was a fun time learning about how they make great chocolate.  

Finally we had to go home. 

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