Friday, May 10, 2013

Harry Potter

Today we went to the studio where they filmed the Harry Potter movies. We had a great time looking at the sets and all the others things that were used in the movies: brooms, wands, the night bus,and also   the car that Harry and Ron flew to Hogwarts in. It was so cool!!!

First we had to get our tickets and our audio guides. Then we had to wait in a looooooong line. Finally we went into a cinema. In the cinema we saw a short film that showed a glimpse o what we would see on the tour. Once the screen went up we saw the doors to Hogwarts. Our tour guide said "Welcome to Hogwarts." Just like Professor McGonagall  said to Harry Potter and all of the first years when they  arrived. 

When the doors opened we saw the long tables the students sat at and Dumbledore's podium, plus all the other Great Hall decorations in the great hall. It was so cool. Than we got to see we're Harry and Ron slept. Other sets that we saw were: part of the Ministry of Magic, the Black's family tree tapastrey, the potions room and the motorcycle that Hagrid borrowed from Sirius to bring Harry to Dumbledore. Another fun thing we did was to actually fly on brooms and learn how to use wands.

I loved all of it!

When we went outside we saw the night bus, the car that Harry and Ron flew, 4 Privet drive and the stone they used for Tom Riddle's tombstone from book 4. I also tried Butterbeer - it tasted so good! like rootbeer and ice cream with a little extra something. We walked past the wizard chess pieces that they used in book 1. After that we got to see Diagon Alley, but it was much smaller and shorter then I thought it would be. After that we saw all of the masks and wigs that were used in the film. 

Did you know that the man who played Hagrid is not as tall as he needed to be. So he has a full body costume with a remote controlled head on top, so he can be as tall as he is supposed to.

Finally we got to see Hogwarts, but Hogwarts isn't a real building. Whenever you see an outside shot of Hogwarts they use this model. When they do a inside view they use the green screen or a set built for a special area, like Harry's cupboard under the stairs (which I also got to see). It was so cool to learn that. 

That was the end of our tour, but I will always remember it.

  Here are some pics:

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