Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today we went to the Versailles palace. We had a great time. Here is what we did. 

   First we went on a subway, train, and bus. It was 1hour, but we finally made it. When we all got to the place we had to wait in a long line ,but it went fast. When we were in the line I saw so many big buildings all put together. When we got inside we hade to pick where we wanted to go. We went to one of the buildings to go to the garden to eat lunch. I ate a sandwich it was so cold out.

 When we finished lunch we started to walk in the garden to Marie Antoinette's house. It was a long walk, but it was very beautiful. When we got to the house we had to show the people at the desk our museum pass to get in for free. She had a huge house, but what we really did was get lost in the huge gardens that were all around the palace and Marie Antoinette's house. It was dark when we got to the main palace.  We then went back inside the palace to see the hall of mirrors. It was a big room with mirrors on all of the doors. It was very cool. 

Then. It was tim to go, but here are some pics

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