Monday, May 13, 2013

William Shakespeare and Afternoon Tea

Today we went to the house where William Shakespeare was born. We had a great time learning about his childhood house and how they lived back then. 

We bought a five house pass. This means that we can go to five of the houses that had something to do with Shakespeare. We plan on being busy for a couple of days.

At Shakepeare's birthpace we started the tour by walking through the garden. My mom and I went around looking at all the herbs and smelling them. When we entered the house we walked through the kitchen. We saw all of the tools that they used for cooking on in their big fire place.

Then, we went into the workshop where William's dad worked with his four apprentices.  We got to see the wool and the leather that they used to make gloves, pouches, and belts. Since clothes back then didn't have pockets they used pouches to carry their coins, silverware, and other items.  It was so cool to see all of the stuff that they made back then without all of the technology that we have today.

Next we walked upstairs to the room where William, his brothers, his sisters and parents all slept. It was very crowded. When the kids were around nine or ten they would move in a separate room. 

Then we went to the extended part of the house and the second kitchen. This is here because William wanted to have a pub so he could make money. He didn't live in this house at that time, he had bought a bigger house to live in. 

After that we ended with going to the gift shop and then we left. I had an amazing time here!   

Later we had Afternoon Tea at a great place called The Fourteas. I had a awesome time. We had tea, little finger sandwiches, scones, and cakes. It was so yummy!  We started by steeping our tea for five minutes. We even had a five minute hourglass timer to make sure that our tea was just right. Then came the cakes, scones, and little sandwiches. We just ate them all up! I recommend for families to come here. It is a really nice, cozy place in England!

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