Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 This blog post is a little late, but in Bacharach we had a great time. We had pizza on Fridays from an amazing pizza place and then we would have great ice cream in a ice cream store. 

Every day was fun, we went to lots of castles and would hike a ton. My favorite thing in Bacharach was when we went to a pool that had two great water slides. The place we went to was called Rhinewette. It was amazing. I went on the slide so many times. My voice was so tired because I was screaming on the slides! 

The next day we went to see some of our relatives in Germany. Their names are Peter and Horst. They live in Wiesbaden. I got to see some great things. I got to see the worlds biggest cuckoo clock. I got to hear it go cuckoo at 12:00. I only got to see the people dancing on the top not the bird come out. Then at the end of the day we got to stay for dinner at Horst and Peters. Peter made Chinese food for dinner. It was so good. 

Here are some pics  

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