Friday, July 26, 2013

Rome - July 24-25

Today we went to Rome. We had to get up early like when we went to Venice. When we got to the bus stop the bus came on time. Then we got to the train station. We had to wait for the train for a few minutes. On the train we got to read and relax. 

Then when we got to Rome we went strait to the hop on hop off bus. We got to see lot of old buildings. When the tour was over we got off at stop 8 and checked in at our hotel and we relaxed too. Then we got back on the hop on hop off bus and got off at the coliseum and got ice cream. It was sooo good. Then we went on a walk close to the coliseum,but we keep ending up at dead ends, but we got to see so many things that were amazing.  Then we went to the hop on hop off bus stop. We had to wait for 30 min at least. Then when the bus did come it was full so we had to wait for the next bus. When we got on the next bus we waited until we got to stop 7 where a big famous fountain is that is called Fontana di Trevi. We first went to dinner. It was so good. Then we got to the fountain. It was amazing. Finally we got to are hotel. 

The next day went on a tour were the Pope is- Vatican city. It was a 3 hour tour.  We got to see so many things that were amazingly  beautiful. It is very hard to explain(so at the end there are lots of good pics).We were all tired after the tour was over. When the tour was done we went to lunch. We went to a small little cafe I got a chicken and mozzarella sandwich. It was so good. After lunch we went back to the train station. Here are some pics.



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