Friday, July 26, 2013

Venice, Italy part 1 - July 17th

Today we went to Venice, but it didn't go smoothly. 

  First, when we got up we had to pack our bags night because we were staying in venice for one night. We had to pack, eat, and get to the bus stop before 10:25. We got to the bus on time, but the bus did not. It got to the bus stop at 10:44. We were finally on our way to the train station. 

Then, when we were about 4 stops away a woman got on with a double stroller  and the bus driver said that she could not get on the bus with the big stroller. The woman said that she would not get off and the bus driver would not go until she got off. A man that could speak english told us what was happening. Then we decided to get off and the same man told us that we could get on the M bus to get to the station.

Next, we finally got to the station. My dad all ready had the ticket so we were ready to go, but Chayton said that he was not feeling good so we went to the bathroom. Then we walked to platform 2 to get on to our train. After a few minutes my mom sees that Chayton did not have his backpack. We all looked around, but did not see it. Then we all ran to the place were we were standing to wait for Chayton when he went to the bathroom. We found it right where we left it. 

After that we had to run so we could get on the train. We made, but we got on the wrong train. We didn't know until we got to the last stop that we though was Venice. We then had to wait for around 45 minutes. We got to stay in a cafa. I got to have a drink,  but that was all. 

Finally, we got on the right train to Venice. We got to Venice around 3:00.  When we got there we got ice cream.  We wanted to get there earlier, but it didn't work out that way. 
Read part 2 to hear what we did in Venice. 

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