Friday, July 26, 2013

Venice, Italy part 2- July 17th

When we got to Venice we went to our boat tour. On the boat tour we got to see so many small canals. We got to see a glimpse of the other islands. It was a bumpy ride , but worth it.  It was also very fun. Then we had to find a place to eat. The first pizza place that we went we ended up leaving because of the poor service.  The next place we went to was very good. The pizza was homemade and was made very fast. We then had to find our hotel. Our  hotel is called Boscolo it is a five star hotel. It was great. 

Then later we went on a night walk. We had a great time and it very was beautiful. My mom got two rings and a necklaces made of glass from the glass company in  Marano, Italy. They are very beautiful. Then we went back to the hotel. 
The next day, we took a boat to the Marano glass company. They had very pretty glass works. Then we went to a store where they had things from the glass company. I got a blue glass rose ring. We then went to go to a big art exhibit. On the way Nazeriah  got me and Chayton a glass necklace that were one euro each. She also got a necklace and two bracelets for her self. Then we made it to a Thailand art exhibit. We got to make a brick to put in with the art exhibit.  Then we got on the train to go home.  We all had a great 2 days in Venice. 

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