Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beach in Athens

Today we went to the beach. We all had a great time together. We got to take the tram to get to the beach. It was a long time on the tram, but Nazeriah and I made string bracelets. It was fun making the string bracelets. 

When we got to the beach we went to get a spot close to the water. The sand was very, very hot. We had to go fast so we wouldn't hurt our feet. But my mom still burnt the bottoms of her feet it was so hot. The water was very cold. I didn't expect it to be that chilly. It took a long time to get used  to the water, but when we did Nazeriah and I had a great time playing. Nazeriah and I then got out and sat on our towel to warm up.

Next thing we knew the waves got really big and started to come up to where we were sitting. We had to move fast so my mom and dads backpacks wouldn't get all wet. Chayton and I then went back  in the water together to play in the huge waves. The waves keep pushing us out of the water. We were laughing and having a great time. 
Then we started to go home, but instead of going home my mom and dad surprised us by taking us to  Smile. Smile is a restaurant. The food was great. I got a greek salad and a pizza. It was so yummy. :)

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