Friday, August 30, 2013


Today we got to Istanbul. On the plane I read and played on my iPad. It was an hour plane ride and was fun. When we got to the airport we saw some of the Vurals waiting for us. When we got to the apartment we waited to see the Ilyada, Selda and Okan. When they arrived we all ate dinner and talked about the plane ride to Turkey. 

The night was long and we probably went to bed at 1:00 in the morning. Ilayda, Nazeriah and I talked and talked all night. We all were having fun. 

The next day we walked to the metro to go to a ferry to go to a town on the Asian side of Turkey. We ate lunch and then did some shopping at the market stands. Then it was special treat time - ice cream! Soon it was time to get back onto the ferry to go back home. It was so late we ate dinner ate a restaurant on the way back to the apartment. The day was great and we went to bed late again. 

Here are some pics. 


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