Friday, October 25, 2013


Today we went camping at the Great Smokey Mountains. We had to drive 4 hours to get to our campsite. It felt like a long time in the small car we had. When we got to the Smokey Mountains we had to check then go to our camp ground to set up our tent. Our dad got a tent that could fit 8 people so we were good. The tent was kind of hard to put up. It took a long time, but when we got it up we were all happy.

After the tent was up we unpacked the car and started to make dinner. For dinner we had beans and rice. We had a small portable stove so we could cook on it. Dinner took a little bit, but it was so good and warm.

When we were done we had to clean our bowl with our napkin so we wouldn't have to use so much water to wash dishes. After we cleaned up we started a fire to roast marshmallows.When the fire was going we got are marshmallows out and we started to roast them. They were so yummy.

When we were done we sat outside to watch the sun go down. Then a ranger came and told us that a show about the history of the Smokey Mountains was taken place at 8:00pm. It was very very interesting. Then we went back to the tent and went to bed. It was sooo cold at night.

In the morning we had oatmeal for breakfast and we all talked that we should go home today instead of tomorrow because it would be so cold - below freezing. It was a good idea to go home.

Then after breakfast we went on a 2 mile walk with a ranger and it was very nice. We got to see two deer and so many trees and leaves. It was so beautiful and amazing. After the walk we headed back to our car. When we got to the car we went to a camp store and got hot chocolate because it was so cold. Then we started to go home. We all had a great time.

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