Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best friends

A couple days ago we went to best friends animal sanctuary. We had to drive for four hours until we got there. Before we got to Best Friends we stopped at Pipe Springs. We did a Junior Ranger paper about what we saw and learned. We were at Pipe Springs for almost two hours. We all had a great time. Once we were back on the road we we were all excited to get to Best Friends. 

When we got there we went to our cottage. Our cottage was nice and comfortable. We had to run to the store to get some things. That night we had bean dip. After dinner we had three cookies and watched a movie about Dogtown. When it was time for bed my mom and dad were on the pull out bed and I was on a bed by myself, but Chayton and Nazeriah had to sleep together. 

In the morning we ate breakfast. Everyone had oatmeal beside me. My stomach was not feeling good so I had a little bit. A little bit later we went to the welcome center to wait for our tour. Our tour was around the whole place so it was about an hour. We got to stop at a building at Cat world and Dogtown to meet some of the animals. We all had a good time on the tour. 

After the tour we went to lunch. For lunch it was Mac' n' cheese, salad, and dessert. It was a yummy lunch. After lunch we went to start our work with the cats! 

In Cat world we went to the head building to see where we would work. We worked in Colonel's Barrack's . We got to go in 7 rooms and play with all of the cats. There was a cat that looked just like Cari. 

Some cat's like to go on your lap like this cat. He curled up on my lap and started to purr loudly. He was adorable. He was one of the newer cats so you would think that he wold be scared of you. We'll that was not at all true for this little cuddle cutie. 

At 3:30 we all picked out a cat together to go on a sleepover. We picked a cat named Kazoo. He has never been on a sleepover before so we were the first people to take him. 

When we brought him to our cottage he went up on top of the cabinets and meowed a whole lot. After dinner Nazeriah and Chayton went into our bedroom. My Mom, Dad and I finally got Kazoo down and let me tell you he is a cuddle bunny. He was very happy until we went to bed. When we were trying to sleep he would meow. He ended up meowing all night long we didn't get a lot of sleep, but it was still fun to have a cat over for a sleepover. 

If you ever go to Best Friends and these cat's are still there you sould really think about adopting them. 

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